The Arrowhead Builders' Difference
Experienced: We've built over 50 structures with our family owned and run crew.

Certified Green Builder: 150-200 year old Old Growth white pine sustainably harvested and certified by FSC. 

Full-Scribed Logs: We custom scribe each of our logs for a tight fit to ensure your home's heating & cooling efficiency.  The logs are so tight that a piece of printer paper can't slide in-between which leads to unbeatable R-Vaules.

Educated & Innovative:  While log homes are timeless, we make sure to stay up with the times to ensure our can have a rustic home built for the 21st Century.  Whether it's heated floors or central vacs we can accommodate almost anything.

Hand-Crafted Homes: Unlike manufactured log homes, our homes have personality because we hand-craft them.  We are able to retain natural knots, use large variable-width logs, and can work in detailed custom features such as log steps and hand railing.